The Ugly

The Ugly

Sometimes not everything goes to plan on your CLC Holiday, but the staff are pretty good. However if you attempt to ask questions on their Social Media Sites,  such as availability issues or regarding the AGM and Board meetings, CLC will remove the questions and take it off line.

We talk about it this on our Facebook and Twitter accounts , but also in a more structured discussion on our Forums.

However, for many owners there comes a point early on, or later when they fully understand the product they have purchased, they feel it was mis-sold to them.

Each case has it's own story, and may in fact have a different contract to that of someone else.  We have found this to be true over the last 14 years, and as such can be the case.

If you feel you don't have the product you were sold, then we may be able to assist you either through a roadshow in your area, which is periodically announced or through a personal invitation to look at your case.

Roadshows do not mean you have to pay anything up front and you do not have to travel abroad.  There is no upfront cost and at a RoadShow, sometimes you will get a free short personal assessment of your situation.

For personal assessments not at a roadshow, you can be offered a small investigative cost that will count towards any future fees, should you choose to take legal advice from our partnered solicitors.

Information is collected electronically and confidentially and is only available to bona fide owners, who must be verified with CLCMembers