The Hook

The Hook to get you there!

The hook is when you get that incentive to get you to listen.

We have been running our site since 2004, and there really aren't any questions that haven’t been asked before! Especially when you've just attended a Holiday Presentation.

Many of our Owners have been through what you’re probably feeling now, and the process becomes much easier to handle, when you have the comfort of a few more people to help you make up your mind as to whether you've made the right decision.

Maybe you've just been on a Presentation that you were “herded” into when you were on holiday as a result of a survey or scratchcard on the sea front.

Maybe you were offered a Free, or Discounted Holiday on the Basis of attending a Presentation.?

Maybe you've just returned back from Holiday where you committed to a large Purchase, and have possibly taken on a Finance Deal?

We cover all these areas on our Forums, where we believe  you will find some help by researching and finding out from other owners how they have handled their ownership.