The Good

The Good

Club La Costa offer some great and luxurious holiday resorts and accommodation. Many owners enjoy some memorable holidays.

Many owners including ex owners, will tell you of quality holidays at CLC Resorts.  In the main resorts at Mijas – Fuengirola we have San Deigo Suites, Marina Del Sol and Santa Cruz.  These are the highest standard and are much sought after, as well as being used to entice purchases in to the different products on offer when you go for your first holiday at CLC.

If this is the type of holiday you want, and you can accept that it will be difficult to get there every year, then you won't be disappointed.

You can learn all about the CLC Experience at their Marketing Site, which you'll find here.

If you like what you see, then we can tell you that you will be able to purchase most of the same products, from owners who are selling their ownership, or giving it away.

You can find them by joining our Forums, or visiting Holiday Auctions and dealing direct with them, staying clear of any 3rd Party potential Scamming or Resale Operator.  We have structured Sections on Scamming operations, all of which have been reported by owners as well as from our own experienc.