The Bad

The Bad

Club La Costa may not always get it right when you holiday in one of their resorts.  They partner with other resorts as well, but their service when something is wrong, has a pretty strong record.

However, research from many owners shows us that availability and rising fees year on year, are the main reasons people leave Club La Costa.

Many people experience availability that suits them as well, but history evidenced from our Members Forums, show a constant re-invention of new products over the last 15 years.  An upgrade opportunity usually comes from one product to another, which necessitates a large fee with a discount, if you want to take advantage of the newest products.  This seemingly finances the huge costs of running such a large organisation.

Consequently, if you feel you have bought into something exclusive which well over 90% of people say they do, you soon realise that exclusivity has become part of the normal holiday sector we've seen grow online.

You may want to compare the cost of buying into a Club La Costa Product, with just booking directly, by comparing at their own direct booking service.