The Sales Pitch

The Sales Pitch

Its easy to get caught up in the Sales Pitch.  You can get carried away in the dream of having a Luxury Holiday at a price you can afford.

Sometimes Common Sense can be swamped by desire and you end up not making a decision in your best interests.

There is no doubt from our Members experiences and those from many other owners of different Holiday Clubs, that Sales People in general are prone to say things that they won’t put in writing.  The difficulty is that the Sales Person is targeted on getting the money from the prospect, without which he or she will not get commission.  This without doubt engenders an environment of “say what you need to get the sale”, without any written recourse.

We feel at CLCMembers that the Management, and all such Holiday Related organisations, should seek to achieve a written statement as to what is on offer.  That an agreement should be given with a set of answers, whereby the Prospect can read in an unbiased environment and then have the right to cancel what is written on that agreement.

If this was in place then Companies would naturally tend to look for lower cost processes to sell products and those products could then be more realistically priced, and backed by many more satisfied customers.  This can only serve to enhance and grow reputation and confidence in the sector.

This is an Aim of our members and we’d like your support for change that can come about in a controlled and partnership basis.

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