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CLC Spanish Evidence

Will you be attending our Midlands Event to meet our legal Team?

Following our recent successful event in London, we are now looking to see if there is enough interest in attending an event in the Midlands.  It will likely be in the Birmingham Area.  This makes it easier for our Spanish Lawyers Team to attend.

We need to book a suitable venue, so these numbers are important before we make a final decision to proceed by the weekend of 10th of December.

The Event will be on Saturday 28th of January, and a presentation followed by short private sessions, is the proposed structure.

Many owners have already engaged in the process not just as a result of the evidence we've uncovered.

Please note that this Poll is not Binding, but this will close in a few days and subject to responses we will be booking an appropriate venue.  Places will be limited and as part of the booking process we will be asking for a non-refundable part payment to book a place.  A second invitation for final Payment will then be issued to those who book their spots.

Remember that only Verified People will be allowed to book, so please get your Verifications in as soon as possible, because we are expecting higher volumes as a result of the news of this successful court win.

Our Legal team can offer Verified owners some very interesting and flexible options, which you can ask about when you meet them.

First, make sure you are Verified  HERE.

But READ THIS  first before Verifying, which will make the process much smoother for you and us.

The Poll is below but may we remind you of Why We are Different to every  other organisation out there, who are potentially trying to Scam you.

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Recent Court win for a Club La Costa Owner!

We don't readily jump into sensationalism or use articles to mislead CLC Owners, like other Scamming organisations do.  However I feel it's important to explain that as per the image above, we were aware of this recent successful award against Club La Costa some weeks ago. (Please note that it is Vacation Club and UK organisations as well).

We took time to ensure that this was a document registered at the Spanish Ministry of Justice site, which you can see in the image.  We also have a full English Translation coming, which we can then more fully understand the meaning and relevance to owners.  We hope then to discuss the implications with you and our legal team at our next event in the UK.

For many contented owners as well as those not so happy, I think we all have to take onboard that for many reasons, things really have to change at CLC in the long run.  I believe we are already on that road if for no other reason CLC have already started to replace an annual opportunity to leave, with one that ties owners up to much longer periods. (FPOC).  Not only that, but you have to pay a high price to “Upgrade” which has the negative impact of many people leaving the VC Product.  We believe that it would be in everyone's interest to see CLC restructure it's company, it's sales costs and sell a good product at a reasonable price, without breach of legislation.  But they must deliver exactly on what Sales People tell owners and prospects when they receive their presentations.  As a former Director myself, I made many attempts to get change within because I do believe that the scope was there to make positive changes to protect the brand.  From your information the last few years have delivered direct sales of weeks in the open market.  Prior to adding a direct selling model, almost everyone who contacted us agrees that they thought they were buying into “exclusivity” and reasonable availability.

We have all the evidence of this from owners, so this is indefensible.  Therefore we ask all owners happy or not to be mindful of the different views. It's clearly proven here that CLC were in the wrong and if we're all law abiding citizens, then we must respect that decision, and any others that may follow.  It will please some owners and perhaps not others, but if you like CLC holidays (and we do) then help them get their house in order and force those elected as member directors or representatives to do something in the best interests of all.

We can clearly claim to have independently done and still doing, more for all owners than any current or past Elected Director or Representative.   The rest is up to you as owners to decide how you want your club run, and what action if any, you want to take.