New CLCMembers Website

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 in CLCMembers News

Hi and welcome to our new CLC Members Website.

Please take a look around.  Main discussion threads sorted by Products and Topic structure will still go on in our Members forums.  You can read about the Forums here.

We've introduced a Blog System, which is where you are reading this, for anyone interested in any news we find on Club La Costa we believe will be of interest.  Sometimes this may reflect general news , or hot topics from our Social Media or Forum Pages.  Please give us time to establish posts and recruit new registrants who may not with to join our Subscription Forums Knowledgebase.

Please note we won't enter into discussion on the Blog. That is done within our Forums in a structured format. Some discussion does take place on our Facebook Page also, but is not searchable.

We've changed the overall message of the site because after 14 years and much off an online engagement, we felt we needed to reflect a wider appeal on The Good, Bad and Ugly things of Club La Costa.  We've met and engaged members of all experiences and subsequently felt it was important to reflect this.  Particularly to the new prospects faced with major financial decisions that may impact their lives for a long time to come.

Enjoy and keep in touch with us.