Timeshare Event May 20th

As an owner of a Club La Costa Product you are invited to attend an Timeshare industry Event that will provide you with important .information about industry Timeshare Contracts.

Places are limited at the event so once you have registered, please be aware that if we're over subscribed, and you subsequently cannot attend, let us know as we may have a waiting list.

I am going to be speaking at the event along with other organisations. However as your free UK Legal Representative who has been operating for 15 years specifically helping only CLC Owners, I wanted to remind you that we have already negotiated special benefits from the lawyers sponsoring the event, for CLCMembers.co.uk .

Because I have been helping over 6000+ CLC Owners in the last 15 years as a former CLC Director and owner, I developed an online system to help keep Scamming organisations away from your door.

Working as your intermediary helping you to prepare documents, and answer any questions pre and post receiving a Case ID, this has been working well for almost 12 months now.   Operating this way, we can ensure that we hold the Lawyers accountable and that they do not invoke any pressurised sales pitches, and honour benefits made on your behalf.

Please note that you do not need to attend this event or an additional presentation if you want to undertake a Free No Obligation Contract Review.  Our current system will manage your documentation, and you can choose to remain working in confidence.  Also note that  no other organisation has that pedigree or knowledge base from owners themselves, of thousands of searchable topics on on owning a Club La Costa product.

Many people do not trust Legal Companies or lawyers, which is why we've put this system in place to help you avoid the Scammers.

Prior to attending this event, we want to remind you that if you take up any legal option offered to you, after your online review, there are options to choose from full fees, payment terms and a potentially new improved funded case opportunity.  It is hoped that by the time this conference is over, we may also have another additional opportunity to assist owners who took out finance to pay for their purchase.  Even if you've left Club La Costa.  Watch this space!

CLCMembers Forums is not funded by Advertising, so if you don't already subscribe to supporting us, you can do so by subscribing on our forums at a minimum donation of £5 for 12 Months.   We discuss many topics and help each other to maximise benefits of being an owner.

Please book your space below and we'll be in touch with you shortly.[/vc_column_text]

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