Terms Agreement for Legal Investigation

Terms and Conditions to make a legal enquiry.

The information on this form will not be disclosed by CLCMembers.co.uk without your consent. CLCMembers.co.uk is a Project of Alexanders Associates Ltd, who are Registered under the Data Protection Act

By completing this form, and sending it to us, you confirm your consent to Alexanders Associates Ltd collating the information in this form other than your personal data and disclosing it under our agreement with our Appointed firm of Spanish lawyers.

If you wish to receive advice from the Lawyers about a possible claim, we will refer you to them and with your consent disclose your personal data, i.e. name , address and contact details.  Such a referral will enable you to access an agreed preferential rate we have negotiated for legal fees and costs, should you decide to proceed with a claim.

The lawyers may require sight of your contract and other documents before they can provide to you,  a preliminary assessment of your information and advise you of the viability of a claim.  Subject to an opportunity being identified an estimated value will be given and a fixed fee quote provided that may cover progressive stages.   There is no obligation to progress with a claim, and any such claims being undertaken will be conducted on a confidential basis, due to potential variances of different contracts with Club La Costa.   No payment will be required unless and until you decide to proceed with a claim.  You may also be offered opportunities to meet the lawyers at any roadshows CLCMembers may organise, where a free assessment could be given individually.

You agree also that if you are found to be discussing this action or any part of it's process, on the CLCMembers.co.uk Forums or any of its Social Media sites or any other online site where it's clearly related to the Actions CLCMembers is undertaking to recover your monies, you will immediately be exempt from any existing or future assistance from CLCMembers and our appointed lawyers.

You agree that you will not be engaging directly with any other organisation relating to a refund for the same product identified on our Form, until we grant permission to do so.