Legal Guidance

Here are some legal areas in Law that may apply to your purchase of a Club La Costa Product.

Pre Contractual Information

There are many discussions in our Forums, that demonstrate owners and prospects are contacted by methods, such as in our Presentation Section.

Details are usually provided prior to attendance, but if they don't meet legislation requirements, you may be in a position to apply for a refund.

Spanish Timeshare Law, No: 4/12 (Relevant Articles) State:

Article 7 Advertising. It says that any advertisement or offer, as well as any commercial communication,has to clearly state where the consumers can obtain the pre-contractual information required under this Law. Did you receive this information.

It also says that any invitation to any promotional event or sale must clearly indicate the commercial purpose and nature of that act. The pre-contractual information provided in the Law has to also be available to the consumer at any time during the presentation. (Article 8)  Did you have that information?

Article 7 also states that any timeshare right or any tourist long-term holiday product cannot be marketed or sold as an investment.  Was this the case for you. Many of our CLCMembers maintain they were told this, so you must ensure you have this in writing.

This information is laid down in the European Directive 2008/122/EC

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Many owners still love their Club La Costa Products, but you cannot make a better personal judgement if it's right for you, until you meet other owners.  Everyone has a different experience and view of what is right for their personal circumstances.

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