Dial an Exchange

Dial an Exchange Supports CLC Members

Dial an Exchange is a great way to bank weeks you are entitled to use and then exchange them for hundreds of other weeks, on many other holiday resorts in their Exchange System.  Membership to DAE is Free and they are offering you as a CLCMember, a great deal.

You can get £10 off your first Exchange and take advantage of another time limited offer to earn another £40.00 If you want to take advantage of that, then CLICK HERE.

You don’t have to use your points each year as you can bank them elsewhere and get more choices which you don’t need to take for up to another 3 years.

If you ever want to Bank a week booked with your Points, then consider doing so with Dial an Exchange but leave an 8 week period in between when you bank it and when the holiday actually starts.

Again, its Free to Register and you’ll only pay when you take out an alternative week from somewhere else.