Members Forums

Our forums which are also on this site, have had over 6300+ registrations, 40,000+ posts and owners still join us because Club La Costa are continuing to sell their products and other Timeshare Products are engaging also.

This is a wide ranging structured set of forums, that allows new owners or prospects to understand what they have bought, how to make the most from it and best of all get a view from other owners.

We can also assist people to sell and rent to each other on our Sister Site Holiday Auctions HERE, to advertise for FREE to the wider world in a fixed price or auction format.

You can use some great search tools on the forums to find what you need and also contribute your experiences, so that everyone can keep up to date.

We also have a Scammer Section, many of which members have come across and we've shared those experiences for everyone.

If you want to join our Forums, then please CLICK HERE and then register separately.  We do this so that members can be Verified for discussions with other Verified Owners.

Verification is a separate process if you wish to work with our Legal Partners.  We are unique in that the owner of the site, was a former CLC owner for 10 years, 5 of which were spent as an Elected Member Director.  This experience is unmatched with any organisation seeking to assist owners with Timeshare Exits, or compensation where their has been a breach in law.