Our experiences from working with each other,  bring many benefits to get the best out of being an owner.  The records of those experiences lie in our CLCMembers Structured Forums.

Within those forums are sections for different types of owners, and also a Verified Owner Protocol,  to give greater trust in knowing you are talking to an owner, as opposed to a prospect.

We have had over 6000 Registrations and 37,000 Posts over 16 years, and here are some other benefits.

We have negotiated some great discounts and Rates from Hotel, Parking and Car hire companies which will bring you savings worth our Full members Subscription.

Subscribing Members will gain access to areas that will allow you to interact  with others who are looking for weeks that they cannot procure.  You can sell your ownership or rent out its usage to each other rather than sell up.  You can even request a particular week, and many of our owners have additional weeks and properties, outside of owning a Club LA Costa Product.

Our Members post reviews and discussions on different resorts and places to visit and dine at.  These are unbiased views some of which are very extensive.  There’s a wealth of Talent in our Community, so that's worth tapping into as well.

Latest news and comments from owners. Announcement of Club La Costa activities, Meetings and AGM's where you can vote and exchange views, before attending.

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Specific advice with no obligation reviews of your contracts for any legal cases involving Club La Costa.  It's worth noting many CLC Owners enjoy great holidays, but we pride ourselves in balanced debates and offer clients confidential options, co-ordinating with our Partnered International Lawyers.

Following a successful Viability Report, you could be offered an number of options to self finance, take a payment plan or receive funding when available.  We work with Litigation Funders seeking a return based on previous successful prosecutions.  There is absolutely no requirement to commit to anything, and no requirement to visit a site, leaving you free from any other pressures.  As your co-ordinator, we're here to ensure there is no deviation from this model.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Club La Costa Product, you will be reading lots of information on the Internet.  There are many Scammers out there and plenty of websites to scare you.  On our Forums you will read the truth from real owners.  Like any company that is involved in selling quality holiday products, you will find a mixture of experiences our CLCMembers are no different.  We run regular surveys on many different aspects from the Sales Experience right through to when people leave for a variety of different reasons.

Often people will talk of having a Free or Low Cost Holiday as a result of a Scratch Card, or that Sales call disguised as you being told that you’ve just been specially selected…etc.  The truth is that this does happen and some of our members are now happy owners, but of course its not always everyone’s experience, again for many differing reasons.  ReSales are another important issue, and that too is discussed and dealt with on our Forums and we all find that people get to know CLC better and understand what they are about.

As a Group, we know that Club La Costa watch our activities but we pride ourselves on balance and with 14 Years Experience and a Knowledgebase, you can be sure you can monitor the history and development of the company, and it's products.  You'll get a great picture to help you decide if Club La Costa is for you or not.

Club La Costa’s own Resorts are undoubtedly Quality Resorts in the main but they also operate many exchange and Cross Utilisation Agreements with other resorts.  Many of these holidays are not of the same standard, and you may find after your first couple of holidays, you no longer can find it easy to get that Dream Accommodation when you first had your presentation. 

We invite you to engage with real owners, read their experiences and make your own mind up.