Apology to Kwikchex

“We are writing this page to officially apologise to Chris Emmins of KwikChex.
Some time ago we published information that made a number of assumptions and which KwikChex have responded to, providing information which necessitated a review of what had been published.
Having read the original content information again, I do accept that this is not the best wording from me and I am unreservedly apologising to Chris Emmins and KwikChex. It was done without my full understanding of your organisation. I had no right to make those assumptions and retrospectively, I feel I should have got in touch with him again and discussed my views and sought renewed engagement.
I admit I should have got in touch with KwikChex and discussed my views and sought a response prior to publishing. KwikChex has been good enough to offer advice, which demonstrates to me an exemplary character and great integrity in their approach to our Common Timeshare objectives, as well as their civil response to the incorrect, untruthful and misleading information I misguidedly published.
They are apparently vetted and approved by Trading Standards and the link to their accreditation and verified consumer feedback is here. https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/profile/kwikchex/24358/